The Innsmouth Case Trailer Asks If Losing Your Mind To The Black Abyss Can Be Funny

We’re all familiar with the Lovecraftian genre of cosmic horror. The exploration of the endless abyss of which we humans are so incomprehensibly insignificant that to experience it at once is enough to drive one mad. All kinds of media have explored the idea of cosmic horror, with a hundred new ideas brought to the genre. But subversion of the genre itself often results in the most fascinating results. Why do cosmic horror when you could do cosmic comedy? Enter The Innsmouth Case, an upcoming retelling of Shadow Over Innsmouth that takes the Lovecraft lore in a much lighter tone. 

The Innsmouth Case is a visual novel inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The story is about a desperate mother who reaches out to the best detective around in order to find her missing daughter, Tabitha Marsh. However, the best detective is on sabbatical, and so the case must be solved by you. Traveling to the New England town of Innsmouth, you must explore the mysterious fish-fishing village and uncover the secrets that lie beneath. Decisions will make a tremendous impact on the story, and choosing actions carefully is critical for solving the case. 

The Innsmouth Case is scheduled for release sometime Q2 of 2020. For more information, you can check out their Steam page by clicking here.

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