Ultra-Indie Daily Dose: Duvet Is A Dark Take On The Magical Girl Genre

Welcome back to another Ultra-Indie Daily Dose! Our game today is a submission for the itch.io Magical Girl Game Jam 2. Duvet by Jacaranda Games is a fantastic subversion of the magical girl genre. Sailor Moon but spooky. What’s not to love?

Duvet takes place in a world where magical girls are manufactured as weapons of war. The downside is, that the women born with these abilities die in their early 20s. You play as one of these magical girls, part of the Magical Cases Unit, investigating a mysterious phenomenon in the Kowloon Walled City. 

Much of the gameplay for Duvet is solving puzzles and exploring the areas. It’s got some great PS1 style chucky graphics, along with some surprisingly detailed paintings. On top of that, you’re in a Japanese school girl outfit with pink hair. All good stuff. 

I’m definitely going to have to do a much deeper dive into this title sometime, there’s just so much great stuff going on here. But until then, you can play Duvet for yourself on itch.io by clicking here.

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