New System Shock Remake Demo Has Us System Shook

Nightdive Studios had a big announcement today regarding their System Shock remastered. Right now you can download a demo of the first area of the game, the Medical Bay. With a handful of original weapons, this demo allows you to explore the opening chapter Citadel Station, complete with all the goofy robots and horrible mutants it brings. This is a complete recreation from the ground up, and the improved graphics and lighting add a new layer of terror to this already disturbing game. 

For those who have not played the original, System Shock is the story of a hacker who really really goofed. I won’t spoil much, but the short version is that the nameless protagonist awakens from a months-long coma to find that the space station has been completely commandeered by SHODAN, a rogue AI gone mad. SHODAN has turned all the station’s inhabitants into cyborgs or mutants and plans to use Citadel Staton’s massive mining laser to destroy key cities on Earth, in order to establish itself as a god. By fighting SHODAN in both the real world and cyberspace, the nameless hacker is tasked with destroying the entire station in order to save humanity.

The System Shock demo can be downloaded now from both Steam and GOG. There is no official release date for the full release, but for more information, you can check out the System Shock website here.

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