Outriders Shows Us the Kind of Ride We’ll Be Taking

Square Enix’s upcoming open-world third-person shooter Outriders is slowly riding its way towards us. While it does so, we got to learn some more details about the upcoming game in a super helpful video. The whole video is about 10 minutes long and hits up a few major gameplay samples of the game. For example, we got to see how the world map is laid out, and each area in the game is broken into safe zones, dangerous zones the story quest will bring you through, and dangerous zones that side quests can bring you through. One example shown had the main character tracking missing soldiers being lured away by mysterious voices and finds a cult sacrificing them into an anomaly.

Some time is also devoted to showing town life. You won’t be fighting in towns, you’re no mass murdered after all. However, you do get to explore shops, find new gear to collect, learn the local gossip in bars while having a drink, and accept side quests from citizens. While they didn’t want to show anything for fear of spoilers, they also noted that the towns will change depending on your story actions, and going back to earlier towns may give new side quests.

We got to learn a little bit about your Outrider as well, which is a big armored truck that lets you explore the world. It was said that a full rundown of the truck will be the subject of a later video, but for now we got the basics. The truck serves as a moving RPG town, and will bring vendors and customization shops with you, just in case you need to buy a shotgun in the middle of a battlefield. You can also customize the truck to your liking. You’ll hang out with several people on the truck as well, not all of whom are there willingly.

If all of this sounds like your jam, Outriders is set to launch this holiday season on PC, PlayStations 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series X. You can wishlist the game on Steam here.

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