Spinch Is A Psychadelic Platformer About Parenthood

One of the most fascinating and somewhat eye-straining trailers we saw during Gamescom was for the platforming game Spinch. It’s certainly a unique game visually, and no doubt drew a lot of curious and bewildered eyes. Created by Queen Bee Games in conjunction with artist Jesse Jacobs, this colorful title is straight out of Yellow Submarine

In this game you play as a smiling spherical being called Spinch, either its given name or taxonomy category. After losing its children to the “Ecosystem,” the strange and psychedelic creatures of this cartoon world, Spinch is on a quest to get them back. That’s as good a premise as any. The real meat and potatoes here is not the narrative, but the gameplay and aesthetic.

Much like Super Meat Boy, the gameplay of Spinch is superfast platforming that requires practice and precision to make it through each level. Spinch seems to feature not just environmental hazards, but also living (or whatever state of being these nightmare colors are in) obstacles as well. Lots of boss fights and dynamic levels are always welcome, just so long as they don’t cause that much epileptic seizures. 

Spinch will be launching September 3rd, and will be available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. For more information, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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