Don’t Lose Your Many Heads In Action Roguelite Skul – The Hero Slayer

During the Awesome Indie Games stream yesterday, we saw an impressive dev walkthrough for Skul – The Hero Slayer. The video featured the mechanics and story, and it’s not too surprising to see why this title has been so popular. With super fast combat and over 20 different playstyles available, the early access roguelite is similar to titles like Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy.

Skul – The Hero Slayer takes place in a typical fantasy world, after a in a deadlocked fight between the Demon Kingdom and the Adventurers. But when the Adventurers ally with a deeply corrupt empire, they’ve become such a powerful force that all demons have been defeated by humankind. All, that is, except for a tiny skeleton named Skul

While not an imposing demon by any means, Skul does have one unexpected fighting ability—by simply tossing away his head and replacing it with a cooler skull, he gains the powers kind of like Kirby. Each one has its own unique powers. You can equip two different skulls, and instantly swap between them in combat to create devastating combo attacks. 

Skul – The Hero Slayer is available on Steam here. And for more information, check out their website by clicking here

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