DayZ Celebrates (Platonic) Love With 1.07 Update And Free Weekend

When it comes to open-world multiplayer survival games like DayZ, it’s intimidating to get into the game late. There you are, a casual noob, dropping into the world for the first time. You’re scrounging for your can openers and baked beans, only to be blasted into oblivion by someone with a fully decked out sniper rifle 4 miles away. These kinds of games take patience, persistence, and the capacity to take each death in stride. Survive the trial by fire, and you’re rewarded with the ability to headshot noobs 4 miles away while they scrounge for baked beans.

If that sounds like your thing (and it probably does, we ain’t saints), then good news. Starting tomorrow, February 13th, you’ll be able to try out DayZ for free! The game recently won the yearly “Better With Friends” award on Steam, so Bohemia Interactive has decided to return the love with a free weekend. New players will finally get the chance to see what the game is all about, so it’s the perfect chance to gather your normie friends for a whole weekend of getting sniped.

Along with the free weekend comes DayZ‘s 1.07 update, which adds new weapons, ammo types, and four amusement parks around the map. It also comes with a bevy of bug fixes, which I’m sure long time fans will appreciate. You can find the whole patch notes here.

So why not try out DayZ? If you like it, the game will be 40% off (about $27) for the whole weekend. And if you extra-like it, you can grab the DLC for 10% off (about $13). So what are you waiting for? Give the game that kicked off the open-world survival game crazy a shot! I promise I won’t snipe you…

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