TauCeti Unknown Origin Is The Closest We’ll Get To AAA Gaming On Mobile

Badfly Interactive released today a new trailer for their upcoming open-world survival game, TauCeit Unknown Origin. Best known for their previous game Dead Effect, this latest title is an open-world survival game set on an alien planet. The trailer for TauCeti is all the more impressive, considering it’s going to be on mobile. 

TauCeti Unknown Origin takes place on some kind of jungle planet. But the impressive flora is nothing compared to the terrifying fauna, which includes but is not limited to an animalistic beast reminiscent of the creatures from A Quiet Place. Not only that, but the planet is also home to some kind of tribalistic civilization, one that doesn’t seem too pleased with a ship crashing on their planet. 

This is an early build for TauCeti Unknown Origin. But an impressive tech demo is still worth being interested in. To try it out for yourself, you can click here for the Google Play Store, and here for the App Store.

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