3 Day Left to Support Dario Argento’s Sanity-Straining Video Game: DREADFUL BOND

In most video games, your character either lives or dies. In Dreadful Bond, the only victim is your sanity! From Clod Studio, Dario Argento’s Dreadful Bond is “a first-person psychological horror adventure game that starts (and ends) at the abandoned Wharton Manor, a place that holds the key to both ancient secrets and the memory of recent horrors”.

Dario Argento’s Dreadful Bond is the first game produced under the creative direction of the famed Italian horror director who brought us Suspiria, Deep Red, Phenomena/Creepers, Opera, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, and many other giallo classics.

For an idea of what’s in store, Argento directed the short film, For Bridget, embedded at the top of the article. Like Dreadful Bond, it’s made with Unreal Engine 4 and features the “shadow actors” from the game.

Dreadful Bond is a project that’s very close to my themes, to my films, to my dreams,” Argento tells us.

The game is currently being developed for PC. Development for PlayStation will begin once the project reaches its stretch goal of $170,000. That’s where you come in: There are three days left to support Dreadful Bond on Kickstarter!

Game Description and Key Features:
Wharton Manor is a sprawling, prison-like mansion filled with strange voices, dreamscapes, memories, and shadows – all elements essential to solving the mystery of the Empuros’ connection to the atrocious acts committed in this unholy place. Anguish and horror follow the player along an elaborate personal hell – told in a chilling mix of alchemy, mysticism, love, and death.

  • The first game to feature the original Master of Horror, Dario Argento, as Creative Supervisor.
  • Stunning Unreal 4 visuals achieved through advanced photogrammetry techniques.
  • Exploration guided by sound and sight alone, where the player sees only through the eyes of the character – without a user interface or hint system.
  • Key episodes from the past are reenacted by disturbing shadows on the walls – reflecting the very same shadows that were cast when the original events took place.
  • First-person exploration with absolute freedom to investigate every nook and cranny of Wharton Manor.
  • Inspired by classic black-and-white giallo horror movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

For more about Dreadful Bond, the perks available to backers, and to donate to the cause (if you are so inclined), visit the game’s Kickstarter Page, HERE.

Are you a fan of the films of Dario Argento? Does Dreadful Bond sound like a video game you’d like to experience? What do you think of the short film, For Bridget? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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