Battle With a Magic Harpoon and Dodge Deadly Traps in Olija

All my life I wanted a super solid Indiana Jones games. There’s a couple of okay ones, but I really was hoping for something that’d blow me out of the water. Thankfully, it looks like Devolver is stepping to the plate. Showing off Olija at the Devolver Digital conference, and it looks like fans of stylish 2D action games have something awesome to look forward to.

In Olija you play as Faraday, a man trapped in a mysterious vaguely-Asian country. Armed with a legendary harpoon, Faraday must explore this strange world and rescue his fellow castaways. The gameplay seems similar to Mark of the Ninja or Katana Zero, with fast-paced stealth and combat. However, it seems to have just a bit of a horror tinge as well, with scenes showing Faraday climbing up a ladder made up of corpses, or battling strange monsters that look as if they want to eat him.

All of this is with some absolutely lovely pixel art. There’s a noticeable style here, with the game having a fantastic level of both being not detailed enough to let you fill in the gaps, but pretty enough to stand out. I absolutely love the way that Faraday fights, with one of his attacks ending in a super goofy dropkick that leads into a “paint me like one of your French girls” pose. It’s perfect.

Olija is set to come out for PC and Nintendo Switch some time this year. You can add the game to your wishlist here.

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