Become King of the Necromancers in Necronator: Dead Wrong

If there’s one thing you want to be king of, it’s king of the necromancers. Why? Well you get an army of skeleton lads as buddies, that’s why. Who doesn’t want that? In the newly released Necronator: Dead Wrong you even get a chance at getting exactly that position.

You play as a new commander, freshly graduated from the Undead Academy. Thankfully, it isn’t long before you meet Chubat, a mysterious bat-like being, and alleged ancient demigod in an unfortunate situation, that sees much potential in your skills. So he gets you and army and helps you set forth on your quest to conquer the lands and become king. You’ll be raising zombies and skeletons to lead around and give orders to.

But how do you do this? Through deck building, of course! Necronator: Dead Wrong combines RTS elements with deck building. You’ll play cards to spawn troops, which will march towards objectives and attempt to do things like murder humans. You can also play cards to activate special abilities or toss magic around, depending on which commander you pick. Between levels you’ll need to assemble a deck that makes you happy, and use every part of it to your full advantage. Only then can you become the Necromancer King.

If this all sounds like your jam, Necronator: Dead Wrong just released on Steam and you can grab it here.

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