Deadly Days Ported to Consoles

The 8-bit style zombie shooter known as Deadly Days has finally come to the PlayStation and Xbox systems. Previously available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, it released on the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores this Wednesday. Deadly Days focuses on strategy with a more humorous bent compared to the genre’s typical fare. There are also demos available to try before you buy.

One of the selling points of Deadly Days is its procedural generation. The cities and missions change every time you play, adding a considerable amount of replay value and ensuring no two runs are ever quite the same. In addition to the random generation, there are over five dozen different items and special abilities that can turn the tables on the zombie hordes. There are over two dozen types of weapons with their own random modifications, as well. Lastly, there are more than 30 different skins for survivors to make a truly bizarre zombie-killing crew. They’ll have to use everything at their disposal to take down the various types of zombies and undead bosses. Build and upgrade your base with rooms such as greenhouses or workshops to craft ever-crazier weapons.

Deadly Days Screenshot
Plan your attacks and execute. Your nutty survivors will rip through dozens of zombies, or die trying.

You can pick up Deadly Days for your PC via Steam, as well as easily follow its development. Other projects by developer Pixelsplit include Tales of the Tiny Planet, a puzzle game, SOLOS, an upcoming dark, horror-themed walking simulator, and Indoorlands, which lets you build the indoor park of your dreams.

Publisher Assemble Entertainment, based in Wiesbaden, publishes and develops various titles. Perhaps best known for its Leisure Suit Larry series, starring the titular lech, it also is responsible for Endzone – A World Apart, which takes place after an environmental apocalypse. They also serve the German-speaking game development community through their GermanDevDays conference.