Free Demo For Hardcore Cinematic Platformer Unto The End Available Until Tomorrow

Yesterday, indie publisher Big Sugar announced that their free demo for their upcoming platformer title Unto The End will be available for three days. Developed by 2 Ton Studios, best known for Waystar and Beard Quest, this latest game is about a father who must traverse a dangerous and unforgiving land in order to return to his family back home. It’s a cinematic game, with a beautiful visual style, dynamic colors, and incredible audio.

Unto The End is a side-scrolling adventure game. Armed with only his sword and torch, this unnamed man must fight against overwhelming odds against ork-like brigands, enormous creatures, and the elements themselves. Similar to Limbo, the design of Unto The End consists of “carefully crafted encounters,” where quick thinking means the difference between life and death.

The combat for Unto The End requires not only aggression but also careful planning and tactics. Blocking strikes, dodge rolling, and as we see in the trailer, using the enemy’s attacks against each other, are critical for survival. This hardcore combat style means developing one’s fighting skills, as this is “a challenging single-player experience, with minimal hand-holding. 

The free demo for Unto The End will be available until tomorrow, May 15th. You can download the demo as well as wishlist the game by visiting their Steam page here. You can also get two free tracks from the OST by signing up for their mailing list here. And for more information, you can visit the Unto The End website here.

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