Low-Poly High-Speed FPS Ultrakill Enters Early Access

I remember a while back someone on Reddit calculated Doomguy’s stats. They came to the conclusion that he sprints as fast as a jaguar and weighs over 1200 lbs. I’d be willing to bet that the cool winged robot from Ultrakill has him beat. Created by indie dev Arsi “Hakita” Patala and published by New Blood Interactive, this highly anticipated FPS has just entered early access to an “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception. 

Taking the best qualities from old school shooters like Quake and the crazy combo systems of Devil May Cry, the gameplay for Ultrakill does not try to be anything other than good clean fun. Whereas the average FPS will have lame stuff like a “premise” or “plot,” Ultrakill says otherwise. The goal is to shoot as fast and stylish as possible and gain the most points and look cool. 

Ultrakill is out now on early access, which you can find on Steam here. And for more information about New Blood titles, check out their website here.

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