New Succubus Gameplay Trailer Shows Off “Forest of Flesh”

Welp, after that, I’m on some kind of list. I have a hard time talking about Succubus. It’s a spin-off title to Madmind Studio’s Agony, which is one of the most disturbing games you can play. I’m not talking about the kind of “haunted game” disturbing. It was designed to be the most nightmarish depiction of hell the developers could come up with. It’s like the Faces of Death of video games. The uncensored version has all sorts of grotesque violence, rape, mutilation, torture, the whole shebang. I’m not one to clutch my pearls and stand aghast at nightmarish creations. It’s not really my bag, but for what it’s worth I respect the lack of restraint. If you’re going to recreate hell, why stop at the gnashing of teeth and wailing in a fire? Might as well rip off some dicks while you’re at it. I mostly didn’t like Agony because the game was a confusing mess. The mechanics are poorly explained, and it’s hard to tell which bloody vagina wall is the kind you can hide in and which are just for aesthetics.

With Succubus, the developers are going for a far more straightforward approach to game design. You play as Vydija, the titular Succubus who’s power level is clearly over 9000. After some shenanigans involving Hell’s ruling class and a radical restructuring in their management, Vydija finds herself on a path of revenge. Filled with equal parts lust and rage, she cleaves a path through damned souls and demons to take down the powerful Baphomet. That means she slices things up and gets off while doing it. I’m not being hyperbolic or inflammatory. That’s the character’s MO. She also rips off a dude’s dick and calls him “unworthy.”

In this new trailer, we get to see Vydija slicing her way through the Forest of Flesh. Honestly, it looks like every other location in Agony. Arenas constructed from the bodies of the damned, decorated with bodies of the damned, and populated with bodies of the damned, each of which you’re free to slice and dice as you please. It’s very… squishy. The combat looks fluid enough, but there’s just so much flesh everywhere it’s difficult to tell what’s going on. This is one of those games that’s largely going to come down to gameplay feel. If actually playing the game gives you sufficient feedback to tell where attacks are coming from and if you’re landing your blows, it could be a lot of ultra-violent fun. If not, it will be a confusing mess. Only time will tell.

It’s hard to tell how the game actually looks with all those blurred genitals.

If Succubus seems like your kind of dark fantasy, you can check it out on Steam by clicking here. And if you’re feeling extra-brave, give Agony a shot. As I said, it’s not really my cup of tea. But real recognize real. If you want to see hell come to video games, there really is nothing like it.

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