Resident Evil Inspired Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Releases On Switch

Yesterday brought the Switch release for Resident Evil style horror game Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles. Created by developer Dead Drop Studios, the series harkens back to the PS1 era of horror gameplay. With fixed camera angles, dark corridors, and just barely enough ammo, fans of classic horror will be more than nostalgic with this series.

This Switch version of Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is significantly improved from the original Steam launch. Balancing of items and enemies throughout, as well as improved dodging, Dead Drop aims to quash the complaints from its original PC release. It also has a “Battle Mode.” This is a sort of infinite wave attack mode, but instead of fighting enemies in an arena, you run through endless doors.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles can be purchased on Switch by clicking here. And, you can buy the game on Steam by clicking here.

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