Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Writer Alludes To Possible Sequel

Sam Barlow on Twitter today let slip that he is pitching a sequel to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Barlow, known for his more recent contributions to Her Story and the mysterious Project A███████ (not a typo or error), was a writer on the original Shattered Memories, so this reveal has a tad more credibility than most leaks. But unfortunately, and I hate to be a downer, this is far from anything being confirmed. 

For those who haven’t played it, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a sort of retelling of the original Silent Hill game. With new characters, new setting, new plot, and the same premise, it’s kind of the Steel Ball Run to Phantom Blood, for those in the know. For the rest of you non-nerds, its Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is perhaps most remembered as the Silent Hill released on the Nintendo Wii. Utilizing the motion controls and the unique controller shape, Shattered Memories had a much different gameplay style than most others of the series. In spite of this change from the usual form, it had a fairly good reception and is still looked upon as a good Silent Hill entry by many. So fingers crossed for a sequel, I suppose. 

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