Steam Release Announced For Perspective Defying Puzzle Game Superliminal

Pillow Castle Games announced today that their mind-bending puzzle game Superliminal will be arriving to the Steam Store soon. Channeling the impossible space of Antichamber and the unique puzzle-solving of Portal, the gameplay of Superliminal is unlike anything you’ve seen before. At least, unlike anything you’ve seen outside of a fever dream.

Superliminal takes place “in a surprisingly lucid dream.” You presumably play as the dreamer, who must solve perspective based puzzles in order to make it through each area. The press release states:

As you complete puzzles to get to the next exit, certain patterns and truths become more apparent. In this game, everything is exactly what it seems to be! Wait, no… that’s not right. Everything is the opposite of what you think it is? That’s not correct either. This is a game about breaking expectations and thinking outside the box. What you see is what you get. Literally.

Superliminal is currently available on the Epic Games Store, which you can access here. And to wishlist the game on Steam for the November 5th release, click here.

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