The First Fifteen Minutes of Control’s AWE Expansion Will Leave You in Awe

Of all the games coming out that I am excited for, there’s none I am more-so than the AWE expansion for Control. I love Control, I love Alan Wake, so yeah I can’t wait to see the two mashed together. Thankfully Remedy put out the first 15 minutes of the expansion, for viewing pleasure.

Done on a Twitch Stream, we got to see community manager Vida Starcevic, game director Mikael Kasurinen, and creative director Sam Lake play through the section. AWE will take place in a new section of The Oldest House called Investigations. The plot has Jesse Faden taking on a creature that has been stalking this section. However, much like the enemies from Alan Wake, the creature has a weakness to light and you’ll be using it to fight back. Also a new grenade launcher. You’ll use that too.

While you may get a new grenade launcher, new enemies will block your way. This include a new variant of the Hiss called Airborne Rangers. They fly, they can dodge attacks, and they have shotguns. There isn’t a worse combo I can think of. You’re going to need to use all your powers and firepower to take them on, and also if you want to try out one of the other new features.

In addition to the new zone, AWE will add in arcade cabinets. You can use them to replay some of the game’s boss fights, both fighting singular bosses again, and also a boss rush mode that has you take on each boss one after another. There’s another machine that lets you get involved in some time trial and survival wave events. Finally, and really this is the most important part, you can also replay the Ashtray Maze section of the game. Considering it’s the best part of the game, this is very important.

If all of this sounds awesome to you, Control‘s AWE expansion will be launching on August 27th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can grab the game here.

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