Turbo Overkill Finally Gives You Sick Cyborg Parts

Replacing your inferior human meat with sick-nasty robot parts is coming closer every day. This is extremely cool, but an AI has decided to do more flesh-melding than necessary. If you’ve ever expressed curiosity about having a chainsaw hidden in your leg, here’s Turbo Overkill.

With neon and blood everywhere, Turbo Overkill is a cyberpunk FPS blending action with Quake-like platforming. Forget any pretense of being a hero, the Steam page calls you a “violent killing machine” in the first sentence of its description. Your job as The Street Cleaner is to take out the trash. Trash, in this case, is a rogue AI threatening Neo-paradise with its flesh-metal beings. As the superior flesh-metal being, your job is to destroy it all.

While navigating the streets of Neo-paradise, players will use body mods to scale the city’s skyscrapers. Developers and publishers Trigger Happy Interactive touts three episodes in the game, each with their own distinct brand of slaughter. And, as seen in the game preview, there are plenty of weapons with which to cause havoc. You’ll need the variety to take on everything from your garden-variety cyborgs to abominations of metal and flesh. Turbo Overkill also boasts of plenty of hidden collectibles scattered throughout the levels.

Turbo Overkill features plenty of guns to give ’em the ol’ razzle dazzle.

The team notes that some of its biggest visual inspirations include Outrun, vaporwave music, and cyberpunk. Combining the visuals with classic gameplay from titles such as Doom, Duke Nukem, and Quake, Turbo Overkill promises to be an ultra-violent return to classic FPS form.

Trigger Happy Interactive has not announced a release date, but promises it “SOON™” on its Steam page. Be sure to wishlist it there if you want to preview the bloody, glorious neon future. Check out the gameplay trailer above.

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