ULTRA-INDIE DAILY: Redtape, We Live In A Society

Redtape is a finished release of a Ludum Dare 48 project by Fransisco Lucas and NeitherNathan. It’s a tale of a lone red demon employee who needs some paperwork signed by the Director of Hell Inc, the Devil himself. We the player must find our way through the pipeline of procedures in order to be approved for an audience with the big red himself.

The story and locations do their best to punctuate every ridiculous scenario that corporate culture breeds. Every supervisor is earnest to refuse or reject whatever exhausting nuisance you have brought to them. It’s a matter of incentive rather than malice considering the corporate office life is nothing but dialing data and an eternity of mindless routines which are only steeped with unnecessary gates that only increase the workload and waitlists.

Everything about this game can be summarized up to a gag on corporate culture but it also has fun with what to expect from a satirical corporate comedy. The only dangerous room in the entire facility of hell where you can meet a fatal end and platform is the floor staff sneak into when they want a nap. The game honestly had me in wraps. The entire time I was mildly humored by the scenarios and portrayal of each floor of hell but I was mostly stressing to remember each step in the protocols around the office and keeping an eye out for any workplace hazards. The comedy really sets in retrospectively and I get a genuine laugh reflecting at how nonsense and garbage the scenarios the corporate protocols send me through.

If you are still Larry you can pick up Redtape from the itch.io release and don’t forget to check out our other Ultra Indies at Dread XP.