ULTRA-INDIE: Endless Ladder Climbing 2, Sure, Why Not?

Endless Ladder Climbing 2 is a game about climbing a ladder. You can move horizontally and vertically although vertical movement is only up the ladder or diving from it. Is this a joke game? No, I don’t think so but it definitely is what you’d call a microgame, something that’s not a completely comprehensive experience but does fulfill its own concept.

The main goal of Endless Ladder Climbing 2 is to climb and to see how far the player can climb with each meter being counted. Simple enough. This meter seems to expand quite endlessly, I was able to get it to at least 5 digits which took about 1 hour or so. This is a game I’d recommend using a macro input for so that you don’t need to be at the PC while the player is climbing. Unfortunately, it does not work if the user tabs over to a different program.

What’s the point? Well as the player climbs they will notice changes in each scene. The colors of the sky along with the sprites will vary from one scene to the next. Often clouds will pass by as the player marches on. On occasion, the player may hear the chirp of a bird flying by or see some air vehicles in the distance. Every ten thousand or so meters they might even be rewarded with the music from a drummer.

That’s about it in terms of content.

I did think about the classic Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater moment that ran famous where Naked Snake climbs up an entire mountain shaft and a song plays during the excessively long travel time. I can’t remember if I saw what happens if you mess up but here you’re free to jump from the ladder and dive as much as you want. No fall damage. I mean I didn’t check but if you die from that height it doesn’t change that you’ve reset the height to 0 by diving to the ground floor.

I suppose there is the question of continuity. Each scene changes and you can’t really tell if you’re meant to see them as one continuous action or if there’s like behind-the-scenes narratives happening. Sure I wasn’t paying 100% attention but I really don’t think I missed any hidden secrets. I’m not paid enough to put myself through this again.

I can’t really recommend this game if I take material content for face value. This is very much a grab bag or novelty game that is more valued by bringing an absurd idea into existence rather than being a comprehensive or fulfilling experience. That being said it’s not like I disliked this game. I watched a few videos and got caught up with my daily Nier Reincarnation rewards. Can’t complain there.

You can play Endless Ladder Climbing 2 on Itch.io

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