Explore The Darkest Corners Of A Young Boy’s Mind In Terrifying First-Party PS4 Game IN NIGHTMARE

Although we don’t know much about In Nightmare at this point, a new three minute gameplay video for the upcoming first party PS4 title was recently released online, and can be viewed in the player below. While it’s currently listed as a PS4 exclusive, we can assume that In Nightmare will also be heading to PS5, seeing as the new system is just around the corner.

In Nightmare takes place within a terrifying dream world conjured up from the darkest corners of a young boy’s imagination. Playing as the young boy in question, you’ll need to navigate this hellish dreamscape in order to uncover the tragic secrets of his traumatic past. Gameplay will mainly focus on exploration and puzzle-solving, although you’ll also need to use stealth to hide from the hideous monsters you’ll be encountering. While the setting clearly features dark fantasy elements, the game’s entry on the Asian PlayStation website also states that in addition to imagination, realism also played a key role in crafting the world you’ll be exploring. Which just makes this sound it more unsettling, because we all know real-life horrors are the worst kinds of horrors.

Developed by Magic Fish Games, In Nightmare was one of the games selected to form part of Sony’s Hero Initiative Project, in which the publisher supported various Chinese developers to help their games reach completion. While it does not yet have a release date, the fact that we’ve now seen gameplay footage clearly means that In Nightmare is clearly deep into development, and with Sony themselves offering backing and support to Magic Fish Games, we can probably expect this to be something special when it arrives in stores.

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