Pragmata Announcement Trailer Is Really Something. Not At All Sure What That Something Is Yet

Pragmata is one of the few trailers that had me audibly saying “what in tarnation” and “can you believe this hoo-ha” while watching. Not since the reveal of Death Stranding has a game been this baffling. Created by Capcom, Pragmata is without a doubt the most mysterious PS5 reveal thus far, which is no easy feat.

The trailer for Pragmata is about a currently unknown astronaut exploring an abandoned city. Using a high-tech flare gun from a high-tech-flare-producing backpack, the astronaut fires a cloud of snow-like substance to see the past occurrences in that location. One person appears, a young girl, along with a mechanical cat. Then a skyscraper being sucked into an event horizon appears, gravity ceases, a satellite crashes into them, and both the astronaut and child are launched all the way to the moon. 

If this all sounds insane, that’s because it is. There’s really nothing more to add right now because the Pragmata trailer really raises more questions than it answers. For more information, you can click here for the Capcom press release, which offers nothing other than some interesting screenshots and more mystery.

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