Rogue Lords Gives You The Devil’s Luck

Rogue Lords, an upcoming roguelike, encourages you to cheat, lie and steal. Players take the role of the devil. Nacon, Cyanide Studio, and Leikir Studio revealed the new gameplay trailer last Thursday. The turn-based roguelike launches sometime this year, though there is no official release date just yet.

Using their Diabolic Essence, the player can cheat to rewrite reality to a more favorable deal. If a fight is going poorly, for instance, the player can fiddle with the health bars of their servants or their enemies. They can also pilfer buffs or give debuffing foes a taste of their own medicine. Through the use of their Devil Mode, they can even boost their odds of success when it comes to Rogue Lords’ active events. The randomly-generated map gives players several different paths on each playthrough, though they can spend some of their Essence to take secret routes.

Rogue Lords Gameplay Screenshot
Players will engage in fights with those goody two-shoes throughout Rogue Lords.

The devil was defeated, but not destroyed, by demon hunters a few years ago. To exact their revenge, they employ nine disciples to track down legendary artifacts. The devil must balance the use of Diabolic Essence, as the depletion of this finite resource will result in the end of their run. This forms the core of the gameplay: knowing when to use your Diabolic Essence and when to conserve it for later.

Other titles by Cyanide, a studio based in Nanterre, France, include Blood Bowl, Styx: Master of Shadows and its sequel, and Call of Cthulhu (2018). Leikir Studio has created Wondershot and Isbarah. Nacon, the publisher, is part of the Bigben Group, and publishes for eight different development studios.Rogue Lords promises to share more information soon. It will come out sometime 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch devices. PC players can Wishlist it now on Steam through the Steam Store. Be sure to check out the Rogue Lords trailer above from Nacon North America.

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