Scrutinized Is A Game Where You’re Posting On The Internet While A Murderer Is In Your Home

There’s nothing worse than staying up late trying to get paperwork done. Much less trying to get it done while someone is distracting you. And even worse if that person distracting you is also trying to do a murder. To you. Scrutinized is a game about just such an instance.

In Scrutinized you play as Luna Youngman, who by day works as an analyst for the DA’s office, and by night tries to do some vigilante justice the only way he knows how: posting on the internet. Going through old emails, texts, photos, and more, Youngman attempts to clean up the streets by figuring out who is a threat to the community.

But there are consequences for online heroes such as him. Scrutinized follows Youngman’s evening of surfing the internet being interrupted by various killers who are searching his house. Keeping a careful eye on your surroundings while keeping the other eye on your desktop computer is the fine line you tread in this atypical horror game.

Scrutinized will be released July 31st. You can wishlist the game by visiting their Steam page here.

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