The Fabled Woods Brings a Narrative Short Story to Steam Soon

When you go walking in the woods you may encounter something that will tell you more about yourself. The Fabled Woods is looking to capture that when it launches on March 25th.

The game, which takes inspiration from titles like Gone Home and Firewatch, lets you explore the woods and try to figure out the story. Specifically, the game has three intertwined stories, and you’ll be discovering pieces of each story and trying to piece together what happened and how they fit in. Naturally, this means that you’ll be going through several scenes, some of which may not be that pleasant to live through.

While some of these may not be good memories, it’s still important that you go through them, as the goal is to figure out what happened. Thankfully, there are no monsters trying to hunt you down or anything. At least, no physical ones. If one of the stories ends up monstrous, that’s another story entirely.

if The Fabled Woods sounds like your kind of game, you can grab a demo of it right now and the full game when it launches on the 25th.

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