Stasis 2: Bone Totem To Add Terror Down Where It’s Wetter

The Stasis universe has a new chapter on the way. Indie studio The Brotherhood has announced a new funding campaign for Stasis: Bone Totem. This point-and-click isometric horror is full of all-new characters and stories in the same familiar interconnected world of Stasis, Cayne, and Beautiful Desolation.

The latest trailer for Stasis: Bone Totem gives us a bit of an idea as to what we should expect. It introduces the characters Mac and Charlie, two nautical buds, who stumble upon an abandoned Cayne Corporation rig out in the open ocean. Of course, they can’t comprehend the terror that lies below. The environments we see range from SOMA-style deepwater structures splattered in blood, to H.R. Giger looking ancient ruins. No corporation running tests on a sarcophagus can be good news.

Along with the trailer comes a new playable demo, which you can try for yourself by clicking here. And be sure to support the game by visiting their website here. For a more in-depth idea of the Stasis games, you can also try Cayne, a prequel which is free on Steam here.

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